Plan Design & Consultation

We believe that businesses are more successful when they sponsor a quality, right-sized retirement program. Our credentialed experts can provide services to all types of qualified plans, something not offered by most firms. Because Markley is independent of investments, we are able to partner with most investment platforms. Some of our platform partners are:


Our Value to You:

  • Consulting – Plan Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Consulting – Collective Bargaining Negotiations
  • Testing – Complex Qualified Plan Compliance
  • Testing – Controlled Group Compliance and Consulting, including:
    • Combined Plan Testing
    • Qualified Separate Lines of Business Testing
  • Liaison with Government Agencies, including:
    • Plan Audit Assistance
    • Private Letter Ruling Submissions
    • IRS and DOL Compliance Resolution Program Submissions

Please contact us to learn more, or see our resources section for information and educational resources.

For advisors or businesses that would like for us to prepare a Plan Design, please fill out our MA Plan Design Request Form.

We provide design and administrative services for the following:

401(k) Plans Cash Balance Plans 457(b) Plans
403(b) Tax Shelter Annuity Plans Defined Benefit Plans, including FAS 87 and 88 Defined Contribution Plans
Prevailing Wage Plans Plan Terminations Employee Stock Ownership Plans
New Comparability Plans Non-Qualified Retirement Plans Multi-Employer Plans
Municipalities, Act 205 Filings SERPs Welfare 5500 Filings