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Written By John R. Markley (ASA, FCA, MAAA, FSPA, CPC) After several years with the possibility of new mortality tables, 2018 will be the year! In October, in Notice 2017-60, the IRS finally announced the mortality tables that will apply for 2018. The tables are derived from RP-2014 and the 2016 improvement scale (MP-2016) developed

Written By John R. Markley (ASA, FCA, MAAA, FSPA, CPC) For the last several years, in August and September, Pension sponsors and actuaries have been waiting anxiously to know whether new updated mortality tables would apply for lump sum distributions and funding requirements.  The new mortality tables would reflect more recent improved experience and would

At Markley Actuarial, we can help you understand the impact of Pension Plan decisions. We have successfully implemented several strategies described in this article. New Mortality Tables For several years, Markley Actuarial has been encouraging our clients to act before updated mortality tables increase the liability of their Pension Plan. The IRS has now issued

Your most successful small business owner clients have now filed their 2015 tax returns.  What comments have they made about their taxes?  Have they adequately planned for retirement? Tax deductible contributions to qualified retirement plans, including Cash Balance Plans, are a way to addressboth issues.  Possible tax savings include federal, state and local, depending on

On the Friday before Labor Day, the IRS announced in Notice 2016-50 that the current mortality basis for single employer defined benefit plans will be extended through 2017.  The mortality tables announced apply for funding and lump sum purposes. The IRS and Treasury expect to issue proposed regulations that will update the base mortality tables

On April 8, 2016 the Department of Labor (DOL) issued final guidance that greatly expands the types of retirement investment advice that will be subject to the fiduciary duty rules under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). The so-called “conflict of interest” rule for retirement investments will have a significant effect on

If your firm has a profit sharing plan, a 401(k) plan or some other tax-qualified retirement plan, then you have been given a Form 5500 to sign and file every year since your business adopted the plan. While the form looks like most other IRS forms, the information reported on the filing is automatically provided

New Mortality Tables on the Horizon An effective date of 2017 or later provides opportunities to plan and make key decisions.  Click on the link above to see an article written by John Markley, published in the Winter 2016 issue of the Plan Consultant Magazine.

2015 has been a challenging year in the stock and bond investment market place, in general.  If your Firm is a sponsor of a Cash Balance Plan, you may be wondering what the impact will be on 2016 and future contributions to the Plan and whether your Firm will be able to meet minimum funding

Written By John R. Markley (ASA, FCA, MAAA, FSPA, CPC) Disclosure Reports for Year-End For the team of employees at Markley Actuarial who serve Defined Benefit Plans, January is a very busy month!  Any Defined Benefit Plan sponsor that prepares financial statements for public stockholders or debt holders must quantify the (unfunded) liability of their Defined